35 Numerical Prefixes

35 Numerical Prefixes

This post lists prefixes of Greek and/or Latin provenance used in expressions of numerical relationships, with examples.

1. uni-: “one” (unicycle)
2. mono-: “one” (monogamy)
3–4. du-: “two” (duplicate); sometimes duo- (duopoly)
5–6. deuter-: “two” (deuterium); sometimes deutero- (deuterograph)
7. bi-: “two” (bicycle) or “twice” (biannual)
8. di-: “two” (dilemma)
9. tri-: “three” (triangle)
10. quadr-: “four” (quadrant)
11. tetra-: “four” (tetrahedron)
12–13. quin-: “five” (quintet); sometimes quinque- (quinquelateral)
14. penta-: “five” (pentathlon)
15. sex-: “six” (sextuplets)
16. hexa-: “six” (hexagram)
17. sept-: “seven” (septuagenarian)
18. hept-: “seven” (heptarchy)
19–20. oct-: “eight” (octennial); sometimes octo- (octopus)
21. nona-: “nine” (nonary)
22–23. nove-: “nine” (novennial); sometimes novem- (novemdecillion)
24. ennea-: “nine” (enneagram)
25–26. dec-: “ten” (decennial); sometimes decem- (decemvirate)
27. deca-: “ten” (decade)
28. cent-: “hundred” (centipede)
29–30. hect-: “hundred” (hectare); sometimes hecto- (hectoliter)
31–32. mill-: “thousand” (million); sometimes mille- (millennial)
33. kilo-: “thousand” (kilowatt)
34. chili-: “thousand” (chiliad)
35. myri-: “ten thousand” (myriad)

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